Conditioning Class

On Sunday my aerial studio hosted an aerial conditioning class. I’m still feeling it!
My lower abs, chest, shoulders and back got a great workout. I usually go to a boxing gym that works me pretty hard, but this workout was specifically designed for aerialists and worked me in a completely different way.
We alternated between the trapeze, the floor, the lyra and the silks. There were 6 of us including the teacher– it was the perfect way to start my weekend. 90 seconds of beats on the trapeze is no small thing!

Starting Our Routines!

We’ve started working on our routines! We have another student showcase at the end of July, and this time I want to have at least a trapeze piece. A silks piece would be awesome too.
At the end of class last night we started stringing some moves together to our music, and although I don’t have much at all, I like where I’ve started.

My studio has added another open gym time on Tuesdays, which is wonderful. Another day to practice is great, and it’s a bit quieter than the Saturday open gyms.
Yesterday a couple of the girls started playing with doubles on the silks.

I’d love to start learning to base. Maybe at open gym on Saturday…

One Year!

A week ago was the one year anniversary of my first aerial silks class! As crazy as it sounds, that class changed a lot for me. A year later, I’ve changed how I eat (more on that later) and how I work out. I come home from work earlier instead of staying for another drink so I can get up to the gym in the morning. I’m proud of ridiculous bruises. I’m willing hanging upside down 17 feet in the air. I have huge callouses, and I’m actually happy about that.

Taking that class was one of the best things I’ve done. I can’t wait for many more years of tying myself up in knots.

Show Weekend

I got to catch two aerial shows this weekend. Saturday night the boyfriend and I saw ONE by Quixotic Fusion, the group I take lessons through. It was incredible. Quixotic is much more than just aerial though. They are a performance group combining music, media, dance and aerial dance. Definitely one of the highlights was the guest performer Angelica Bongiovonni on the Cyr wheel. The control she has is unbelievable. There were also a couple of dance trapeze numbers, a straps dance, and two pieces on custom Quixotic sculptures. Watching them perform really proves that there’s no limit to what can be done.
Here’s the promo video:

Sunday night Quixotic hosted a students showcase. It was a free, informal event where the students got a chance to show off all the things they’ve learned. I didn’t perform, but it was so much fun watching everyone. Kids from around five years old to women in their 50s performed silks/hammock, contortion, lyra, static trapeze and hula hoop dancing. Even the boyfriend left thoroughly impressed. I hope to put something together for the next showcase, but this one definitely inspired me to keep working.

No Title

This has been a great week in the air! On Tuesday I was the only one in trapeze class, so we hit it really hard. It was an exhausting but productive class. I finally got the drop out of the dove and have a couple of hip bruises from trying and retrying belly balances, but they paid off. My belly balance is much stronger now.
Afterwards, I was in some pain. The backs of my knees were completely raw and my hands were aching and torn up. Totally worth it.

Last night’s silks class was also good. I learned to add a quarter turn to my star drop (although it’s less than pretty right now) and I learned the knee drop. That drop is both easier and scarier than I thought. When I finally wriggled through the wrap and dropped, it felt like forever before I hit the bottom. Of course I earned another “aerial badge” on my side.

I’m really looking forward to open gym tomorrow.

Back to Moving Forward

So after playing a bit on the trapeze a couple of weeks ago at open gym, I really realized what a mistake taking time off was. It was necessary so that I could get going at a new job, but wow. Before I had been making progress. But I definitely lost a lot of things that I had started to get. I can see it on the silks as well, but it definitely shows on the trapeze. It’s especially frustrating considering that I took the job in large part to be able to be able to take more classes.

So now that the new job is going smoothly (well, mostly…), I’m excited to start taking some private lessons. I’m promising myself that I will get back to progressing in the air. My New Year’s resolution, I guess.

Trapeze Workshop

Two nights ago I took a trapeze/lyra workshop with Mariel A LaMode. It was really relaxed and really informative. It’s also the first time I’ve worked on the trapeze in about a month! This new job has taken up a lot of my time, but one of the reasons I took it was because I wanted to be able to take more aerial classes. It’s time to refocus.

The other fun thing about the workshop was getting to see another Kansas City aerial studio, Voler. Very cool space in a downtown converted warehouse. I love how Kansas City has a pretty strong aerial community, and it’s growing!

Silks classes are on a month break, so I’m taking the time to really focus on conditioning. I’ve been lazy in this, so it’s time to hit it hard again. I’ll see if I can bribe someone into helping me take some action shots of the strengthening exercises I’m working on.

Until then, here’s Mariel A LaMode’s demo.


I love looking through YouTube for aerial acts to watch. I’d never heard of triples trapeze when I found this yesterday. I love it!

Purposeful Movement

We’ve been working on hip keys a lot. A whole lot. In detail. Our teacher really emphasizes the importance of making everything look clean.
Hip keys would be relatively easy to sort of roll into, and they lead to amazing tricks. But they don’t even seem like a trick. So why spend so much time and effort on that little move?
When done with purpose, a clean hip key is beautiful. So is any movement in the air. Of course a drop is what everyone will remember. But if you start that drop with an ugly, struggling inversion, you really lesson the impact of your entire routine.


Nothing she does in this routine is exceptionally difficult.  But every movement she makes has a purpose.  The routine is so well thought out, and she is such an engaging performer, that all those basic “tricks” come together into a beautiful piece.

That’s why, at this point, it’s much more important for me to focus on perfecting a hip key or smoothing out my inversions than to learn a new drop.  It’s polishing these simple setup moves that take us from looking like we’re tangled in the fabric to becoming graceful dancers, no matter where our skill level is at.

Pencil Drop

We learned our first actual drop this weekend, a pencil drop.  And this time, I actually did it right.  I filmed it, but as much fun as the drop was (and it was ridiculously fun), the real value in the video is seeing how I’m actually moving in the air.


I’ll give you the shortened version, which is just the fun part.




I’ve wanted to get some video for a while now.  Okay, so I cheat on the inversion, but that’s no surprise to me. I really wanted to see my climb.  Was it going to look like a huffing struggle all the way up?  It needs a lot of work, but it’s not quite as bad as I was afraid of.  We learned most of that sequence that day, but it still is good to see how I’m moving the silks to get there.


My point is, filming helps.  A lot.  Now to see who I can bribe to come every week and hold a camera.